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Photographing a family is always fun. Put three beagles in there and it can get quite entertaining. The pups were great sports considering I am sure they would rather have chased the ducks or hidden behind their humans at the occasional gun shot being fired off in rural Indiana. I enjoyed my little fall drive up to Huber’s Farm & Winery to photograph Jessica, Scott and Gabe again. As the sun began to fall closer to the horizon we ducked into some Christmas Trees – yes, I can call them that! They are a little grove destined to bring your home holiday cheer after you cut them yourself! Luckily, no great mob decided to put up their trees too soon and we were able to nestle in among the pines. It was a great combination of those last bits of fall and the coming bits of winter. Please enjoy this little peek into their session:

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  1. rich says:

    so festive to shoot by the christmas trees! beautiful family shots!

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