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Simple share from the iPhone while staying at the St. Regis Deer Valley this past weekend.

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… j. linsky | louisville kentucky family photographer …

As I landed in Louisville this time, I was just giddy knowing I was going to get to hang out with little Mr. J and his parents for a session. He is almost TWO this year. I have had the pleasure of getting to photograph him just a few days old and then again right before his first birthday. I just love it when I get to watch my littlest clients grow up. It is so fun to look back on past sessions.

During this session, he was full of energy and all Go-Go-Go like any two year old would be. I think that is one of my favorite things about toddler sessions, pulling out some great images amongst the chaos. I find that I thrive in the busy whirlwinds! So, please enjoy some frames we were able to snap during his two year session! I can’t wait for next year.

See? All go!

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… summer travel | utah, kentucky, arizona, idaho …

I have been very fortunate to be able to travel this summer both with and without my kiddo, V. We have started to explore our new home state of Utah, venturing out beyond our small town borders. We were able to visit Idaho, Arizona and Kentucky as well. It was so awesome to be able to go back “home” as it is true about spending time there, it does very quickly become your “old kentucky home.” Each time I visit, my adopted accent is picked back up even thicker than before, my love for the word y’all runs deep apparently. Arizona was nice to reconnect with family and spend time letting V create memories with his Grammy and Pappy. I was close to mine as a kid, so it is important to me to have those connections for V.

All in all this summer will be winding down with one more trip to Louisville (for some sessions) and one more planned summer trip to Park City. Keep an eye on the blog for it to pick back up with sessions I have been shooting!

Please enjoy some iPhone snap shots of our summer as I sit here today editing and picking what to pack in my gear bag for Louisville! I can not wait to see my clients and see how much they have grown in the last year.

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