… on the farm | vernal utah photographer …

I have to say that I have mixed feelings about becoming a farm girl. Thankfully, it is only a temporary role I play when my in-laws go out of town. I get to head over to the farm only to come home speckled head to toe with green flecks. It is my short stature combined with a fence height that is eye level that never fails to cover me every time I pitch a bail or flake over it. I do not have any photographic evidence of this event. I am not sure that I want it either. The little green leaves I clean off my shower floor at night are evidence enough that I am a wee bit short and standing in the wrong direction of the wind.

Which brings me to this first shot, I am pretty sure she was mocking me. Yes, yes she was.

And there is a good chance Wobbles was too.

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… throwback thursday | vernal utah photographer …

Just a little throwback to this past winter and a photo adventure in the mountains near Vernal, Utah.

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